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What We Do ?

Digital Marketing
Digital is not just running a campaign. It is one of the most important channels for branding and performance.

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Product and platforms
The Friday code combines data and tech to help Clients reach audience at Scale.

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Data and targeting
We target real people. With our partnership with Smartpipe Solutions, advertisers are able to reach people, not just get clicks.

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Video Advertising
Our video advertising platform leverages the power of data to make all video campaigns you run with us deliver better results.

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Publishers and Affiliates
All the premium demand sources from the best performance,brand and commerce advertisers directly are accessible to you through us.

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Startup Strategy
Being a startup ourselves, we understand the needs of a young company – tight budgets, multi-tasking and the continued quest for sustainable growth...

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About us

Technology is going to have a radical impact on the future of companies. Founded in July 2016, The Friday Code’s mission is to aid growth of traditional and new age brands, build platforms, and transform organizations for the digital age using technology. We work closely with some of India’s top advertisers to help them break down the silos in marketing and help them achieve a unified view of their customer, across marketing channels and devices.

Our vision

Being simple yet effective. This is the rule, requirement of what we do, and has been the common ground for all our successful projects so far. Our goal is to democratize the existing digital ad ecosystem, so that anyone, regardless of the type of business, gender, state, language is able to reap the benefits of technology in a manner best suited for them.

Video Augmentation Engine


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Range of Video formats
Advanced Analytics tracking
Multiple Video-ad engagements
In-video banner ads

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Ad-tracking | Serve Ads | Campaign Management


Ad-Tracking Tool
A SAAS based tool that equips you to create, measure and monitor the efficiency of your digital spends
Optimise on the Fly
Real time insights & intelligence to help you achieve better ROI
White labelled
Clock is a white labelled solution which provides customised dashboard and reports
Cross formats
Cross channel integration in all formats allows you to engage audiences across mobile and desktop

Our Team

Mansi Khanna

Muthu Saravanan
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