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Data and targeting

Audience Profiling

In today's data-driven world, businesses depend on accurate, up-to-date customer profiles to deliver relevant,personalized services. Our proprietary audience management system aggregates data through several sources and helps us with the right audience profiling

Lookalike Modelling

You know who the right audience for your business is, let’s help you find more of those through our lookalike modelling tool.

So-Lo-Mo targeting

We can provide social, location and handset based targeting, to ensure you reach the right audience, and through the right medium.

1st party data

We target real people. Our partnership with Smartpipe Solutions Ltd. enables advertisers to reach real people, not just get clicks. It revolutionizes the world of network data monetization. The breakthrough patented technology enables real-time network data profile matching that's both secure and privacy compliant. With operator targeting available through multiple platforms, it enables marketeers to target high value mature segments.

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